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  1. Inquiry
    We will communicate via e-mail to keep the information easy to track. I will need the following in your first mail:​              
        - Your full name, your address & e-mail for the invoice.
        - Your nickname I can credit you with (nickname, real name, Anonyme)
        - Your chosen art style
        - A short, clear description of the scene & the characters 
        - Visual references about the characters, their outfits, or even the pose and background if you have inspiration.

    Note: I prefer receiving only a few, selected images to follow instead of a folder of many artworks and only the information I actually need for this piece. Respecting each other's time is so hot.♡ 

  2. Agreement
    I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason at my discretion. I will contact you back within a week with my response + final price offer. 

  3. Payment
    I am sending an e-invoice to your e-mail address (not your Paypal account) which you can pay via Paypal or wire transfer, at your choice. In case you have any problem with this invoice, I am giving you a link as well.
    For any reason, if you would prefer to keep your personal information private, you can purchase the commission through Gumroad, for a +10°% on the final price. 
    You can request partial payment if your cm. is above 200€ ♡

  4. Work in Progress Approvals
    You will have several opportunities to check the work state and request edits. It's hard if not impossible to edit on an already set state, so please be attentive. Thank you! 
        - Sketch - here we set the concept. Max 2-3 sketches
        - Flat colors - here we set the colors. I no longer edit the body or linework, only the colors.
        - Finishing touches - a WIP before I merge for final touches. Edits after this state will cost extra fees.

  5. Delivery
    You will receive a high-resolution .png file and a smaller, upload-friendly for your social sites or get the painting shipped (traditional media only). Enjoy & thank you for working with me ♡



  • Humanoids, elves, fantasy creatures

  • Couples of any gender

  • NSFW (vanilla & hardcore)


  • Furries

  • Gore

  • Disturbing fetishes, anything derogatory or overly offensive 

  • Imitate others' artstyle

  • Mecha



  • Difficult edits on an already approved state or finished artwork (10€+)

  • Complex details (20€+)

  • Private work (25%)

  • Priority to get your order done within 1 week (+100%)

  • Commercial work (+150%)


I prefer to work without deadlines because it's hard to calculate and stress makes us ugly right? So generally speaking, you can get your paid art anywhere between 1 week to 3 months, but the average wait time is 1 month.

Follow the Commission Queue for information on my work progress.


Digital commission will not be shipped! You will receive a high-resolution png.

Traditional commission will be shipped on request, shipping fee can vary on your location but is usually 3-5€.

i am allowed to upload and re sell for downlaod


Both of us can use the final artwork, upload it to social media, etc. Crediting me is appreciated and helps my small business a lot, thank you ♡


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