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Welcome, moonshines!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  With many sites tightening their rules and placing bans on artists, I have decided it's time to tidy up this place.

First of all, I will keep my commission info available here, along with my main shop. It will include all the good stuff: adoptables, YCH, digital downloads, merch, and more. For extra safety measures, age verification is now a thing upon the first visit, and we will use flower language when it comes to NSFW items in my shop. Maybe 🍑 ?

I get it, old-school websites might not be the most trendy kid on the block these days, but with limited and unreliable options, I would rather put my time and work into this site, instead of trying to build a community for the 100th time somewhere else.

 Plus, it means you only have to remember this site (and maybe my Patreon if you're feeling extra generous) when looking for stuff to buy from me.

I will also use this blog to make monthly entries, updating you all about special offers and plans for the month.

Currently, my COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. I am working on previously requested and paid artworks and will not take new ones sooner.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me on this journey. xo, Luna

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