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Commission Info and Terms of Services

⟡ Chibi ⟡

Simple colors, the base price includes one character with a background/base.

⟡ Inked ⟡

Detailed lineart with no colors,
black and white tones only. 

The base price includes one character with a simple background.

⟡ Simple Illustration ⟡

A less detailed style with flat/airbrushed colors. The base price includes one character with a simple background (colors, clouds, flowers, etc.)

⟡ Detailed Illustration ⟡

Detailed lineart with fully rendered colors. 
The base price includes one character with a custom background.

⟡ Character Design / Pinup ⟡

Detailed design/airbrushed colors, without background. The base price includes one character, full-body, detailed outfit. 



Full-body/ Flat colors

/Close-up as background
+50 for outfit design from me
+100€ back view
+100€ additional outfits

⟡ Fake Screenshot ⟡

A cartoon-style illustration, simple lineart with cel-shade. The base price includes one character,
about half-body, with background.

⟡ Traditional style ⟡

The artwork is created with traditional media and can be sent to your mailbox. Paper sizes vary roughly between A4 and A7. A simple background is available (color, effect, flowers, trees, etc.) but I do NOT accept detailed background requests.
You can choose between watercolor or marker.

⟡ Suprise me! ⟡

This is a new, popular type of commission where you offer a price you are comfortable spending,
give me a few instructions, for example: 
you wish for a new character design for DnD,
or you want a cute picture of your already existing character (send reference) and I will draw something.
You won't see the sketch and won't have the opportunity to request edits. 
This is a surprise! 

Commission Terms of Services

You can request a commission anytime; however, I finish previously paid commissions first.
To alleviate pressure, I only send the invoice when I'm able to start working on your order.
The average wait time for a paid commission is 2 weeks to 3 months.
To stay updated, join my Discord or check my Queue. ♡

◇ Check out the available styles, and pick one (or more).
◇ Click on the mail icon, and send an e-mail to me. 
◇ In the e-mail, please include the following information:
· DESCRIPTION: Provide a brief (!) description of what you're seeking.
Include the mood, expression, situation, character traits related to the scene etc.
· REFERENCE: Attach 1-3 quality reference images of the character, outfit, or background.
If you're sending an Imgur folder, I'll focus solely on the first few images.
In the absence of visual references, please provide inspiration or a concise description.
· ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Let me know if there are any extra details or specific requests such as an animal companion,
intricate outfit design, highly detailed background, large weapons, etc.

Your PAYPAL address, for the invoice.
◇ DEADLINE: if you have a deadline to meet let me know in advance! 

If for any reason you are unable to use the e-mail plug-in, feel free to contact me at

◇ MAIL RECEIVED: Upon receiving your email, I will respond with a confirmation within about a week.
I'll inform you if I'm able to take on this commission and provide an estimated timeframe.
I reserve the right to decline any commission at my discretion.
◇ PRICE OFFER: I will offer a price based on the information and references provided.
Factors that may adjust the base price include:
· Discount: If you have a discount coupon or if your request is relatively simple, 
such as a pinup character wearing only a bikini, or if you're ordering 5+ commissions.
· Extra details: start from +20€

· Extra work hours: For more edits or changing previously agreed-upon elements, starting from +20€/hour

· Commercial work: +100% of the final price
· 1-week deadline: +100% of the final price  

◇ REVIEWS: I will send a sketch for review, based on the information provided.
You have the opportunity to request changes at this stage, about the body type, pose, attire, etc.
Once the sketch is approved, I will usually proceed to complete the commission. (Occasionally, I may request your input on flat colors as well.)
If you prefer more opportunities for review and edits, please inform me in advance.
However, please note that this will extend the timeframe and work hours, and may result in an additional invoice for compensation.
Thank you for your understanding.
◇ DELIVERING THE ARTWORK: The average turnaround time for a paid commission is between 2 weeks to 3 months.
You will receive the final image via email or cloud storage in .png format.
Additionally, I will provide a version suitable for social media (lower resolution, watermarked).
While you're not obligated to use this version, it serves as a precautionary measure.

You may request a full refund before I commence work on your order
or an 80% refund if you're dissatisfied with my sketch. Refunds are not offered once the sketch is approved.


Any requests for refunds or chargebacks after the sketch approval will be denied,
as they contravened the terms you agreed to upon placing your order.

◇ I retain the right to showcase my work on my social media, website, and Patreon. For private artwork, inform me in advance.
◇ Should I consider creating merchandise based on our commission, I will seek your approval beforehand.
◇ You have the right to use the artwork for personal purposes and may share it on your social media platforms, Imgur, etc.
◇ However, you are not permitted to use the artwork for any form of commercial sale, unless the commercial fee is paid. 

Thank you for your time and support! 

xo - Luna♡